30 December, 2020

What quality of filtration does REGFILTER’s provide?

In addition to the significant savings generated by REGFILTER filtration systems (96% water, 75% space, 30% energy), we also provide an exceptional quality of filtration to the water, retaining practically […]
11 December, 2020

REGFILTER Plug & Play Filtration Systems

REGFILTER, the leader in savings regenerative filtration system, is also a space saver. Filtration modules in shipping containers: – 10 feet up to 250 m3/h filtration, – 20 feet up […]
27 November, 2020

Do you know how 2,400 m3/h (10566 US gpm) sounds?

If you want to find out, turn on the speakers !!! . We show you our latest project in South Korea, where REGFILTER technology is filtering 2,400 m3/h (176 US […]
18 November, 2020

REGFILTER is already “Innovative SME”

On November 17th, REGFILTER has been registered in the Public Registry of Innovative SMEs, which is a recognition that the Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN) grants to companies that […]
28 July, 2020


A few days ago, REGFILTER carried out the installation and dry commissioning of our first installation of 2,400 m3/h (10,566 US gpm), which will filter what is possibly the largest […]
1 July, 2020

We launch web

At Regfilter we want to position ourselves on the network and be more connected with our clients, existing and future ones. For this reason, we launched a new simple, clear […]